Due to circumstances, the restaurant will be closed for an undetermined period of time. We hope to meet again soon.


New concept, new identity, new atmosphere

Join us for the rebirth of this mythical place, stronghold of gastronomy in Belgium and share with us an unforgettable moment.

New concept, new identity, new atmosphere, the Barbizon 2.0 intends to dazzle the eyes and the taste buds of our customers by offering them a complete and unexpected experience.
Here pleasure comes in many forms: obviously on the plate where our chef, by associating harmony of flavors and creativity, is betting on breaking the codes. It is the audacious promise, between tradition, audacity and pleasure, against the current of what is already being done. We will find brasserie-inspired dishes, worked in an elegant and creative way, with a touch of fusion. To accompany the dishes, a fine selection of house cocktails, prepared by the talented mixologist, and a splendid wine list.

But Le Barbizon is not a restaurant like any other, since it brings together a myriad of proposals, services and spaces. Majestic scale bar, cocktail bar, vast restaurant room, different
planned entertainment, such as a saxophonist, a violinist and a DJ, cozy space where to continue the evening while smoking, in our area dedicated to smokers, a good cigar, a bucolic garden… the different atmospheres are
follow each other, but do not look alike, without losing coherence.

The Barbizon aims to revitalize the outskirts of Brussels, by offering a complete and unique formula. For a birthday, a private party, a corporate event, a dinner with friends or family, the
new Barbizon is the ideal place to enjoy life and let yourself be carried away by a festive, warm and exclusive atmosphere.

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